Butik Online

Autumn 2020

Close your eyes, take a deep breath
What is freedom for you?
Welcoming the new season with our unique PLANTS Collection.
The last few months have been
a time when we have all tried to find new solutions, stop for a moment, and focus.
We asked ourselves what freedom was for us.
How do we define it? How do we express ourselves?
We designed a Collection which is our answer to these questions.
For us, freedom is being free to express yourself.
We would love to hear what you think about this.
Our Autumn Collection celebrates ideas which have long been embraced by our brand

Their power never goes out of fashion.
Their printed designs look like tattoos
Their meaning is symbolic, as a personal statement made with ink on your body.
Snake, the moon, hand-writing, heart
And their meanings?
Strength, individualism, mystery – WOLNOŚĆ !

„I got my first tattoo when I suffered my first heartbreak. It symbolises the idea that true love never ends” 
Mariusz Brzozowski

In our Autumn Collection PLANTS we share with you emotions and intimacy, without judgment.
We designed a Collection of shirts, T-shirts, and dresses.
These clothes are made of top-quality knitted fabrics. They are thick, and feel wonderful.
From timeless black, we used a spectrum of beige, red, and orange shades.
We decided to use new solutions,
and you will be able to see some new designs and accessories.

 „ am free when in the evening I can wear clothes I feel comfortable in” Marcin Paprocki

We invited eleven heroes to join our campaign.
There were different personalities, each unique, each beautiful and distinct.
At the magical KIMURA Glamping
we shot a video and had a photoshoot with Marta Wojtal behind the camera.

„We knew we wanted to show this Collection to a group of people. On location, we had both professional models and people who had no previous photo-shoot experience. What was important for us was authenticity, naturalness, and expressing oneself,” says Marcin Paprocki,

„It seemed natural to shoot a video. Our Collection speaks about autonomy and having your own opinion, which we would love to hear and pass on,” adds Mariusz Brzozowski.

In Autumn 2020 we are making a fashion statement.
With a Collection full of freedom and quality which is open to diversity.