Butik Online

Marcin Paprocki
& Mariusz Brzozowski

Graduated from the Faculty of Textile and Fashion,
the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
Since 2000, the duo has been known as Paprocki&Brzozowski.

Following their Diploma Collection, in 2002 they unveiled
their debut collection in Warsaw,
which saw them recognised by ELLE as Designers of the Year.
Ever since, designs by paprocki&brzozowski have been associated
with original ideas and extraordinary structure, details, and fabrics.

“We create designs for many different occasions, which seamlessly embrace women’s personalities and lifestyles.”

“We like to reconcile extremes. Mix up trends which seem to be disparate. There is always something amazing created as a result.”

“Dresses are created in women’s dreams, and we make those dreams reality. It is a privilege for us to deliver tailor-made designs to our Clients.”

“Each and every collection is a new inspiration, and we actively seek new fashion solutions.”