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Online consultations

Online consultations are times when we can focus solely on YOU to talk about ideas, inspirations, and figure. You can ask us anything, get advice about style, and let the tailoring process begin.

Remote consultations can be held by e-mail, by phone, or by video-chat. Our Consultants will answer all your questions, provide advice, and help you choose the right tailoring and colours. Your inspirations will begin to take shape. They will also explain how you can measure yourself, and will share some ready solutions with you. Finally, they will tell you everything about the waiting time and prices.

The next step is meeting us – this can also be done remotely. Based on your input, we will create unique tailor-made draft designs, including material samples and our suggestions. We will talk and spend some amazing time together, focusing on YOU and your tailor-made clothes.

Marcin Paprocki & Mariusz Brzozowski

Contact and consultations (ARRANGE AN ONLINE MEETING)

+48 530 322 022